Advisory services with client-based expertise

The Corporate Office is an international advisory specialized in corporate communication, reputation management and, above all, the protection and promotion our clients’ interests. 

Based in Abu Dhabi, capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), our practice is focused on providing our services to government-owned entities and companies working in the energy sector across the Middle East.

Our firm is funded by a successful group of award-winning professionals who have succeeded in representing the interests of

governments and energy companies alike, through a wide array of communication strategies that involved the use of public relations, marketing, social media or international lobbying campaigns to establish positive reputation and engage stakeholders.

Our exclusive expertise in working in some of the world’s most ambitious government-owned projects gives us a competitive advantage and establishes The Corporate Office as a singular advisory group in the Middle East.

Award-winning, recognized firm

Our peers have recognized our efforts by being the only in-house team in the Middle East to be awarded with three consecutive MEPRA Awards. Two for Best Government Communications and one for best internal communications practice. We are proud about these outstanding accolades but have a passion to continue to raise the bar by offering our know-how and services to our clients. 

Moreover, some of our actions have been ranked by the media as a reference in specific sectors. For example, the development of innovative community forums for a government entity was ranked as “a model that can be applied to other government initiatives” by The National newspaper of Abu Dhabi.

Our number one priority is our client. We keep our practice focused on delivering the results that our clients engage us for to achieve.

However, in order to guarantee quality work, we restrict ourselves to an annual amount of clients we are able to service. We restrict this in order to guarantee a quality-driven outcome. Our clients demand the best out of us and this is why we rather not expend our practice beyond our capability and focus on guaranteeing quality work.


Awards and recognition


Strategic outlook, tactical solutions

Throughout our careers, we have placed great emphasis on establishing solid foundations through our strategic work. We believe this is the key to create successful campaigns that align with the requirements of the clients we have worked for.


Corporate strategy TCO


Strategic Practices

The Corporate Office offers unique advisory services in key strategic areas that matter to our clients

Public Affairs

Helping our clients influence public policy and regulation through a carefully planned strategy combining government relations, issue management and key stakeholder relations, to promote their interests and obtain positive outcomes

Executive Positioning

Working side by side with the leadership of organizations and entities, we offer a unique set of skills to create industry champions that connect with their stakeholders and become ambassadors of their brands and corporate visions.

Strategic Events

Creating events that drive the agenda and position our clients as thought leaders. Strategic events provide a unique platform for our clients to position themselves in the minds of its stakeholders.

Stakeholder Management

Helping entities map their stakeholders in order to understand their requirements and priorities has proven to be a invaluable tool for organizations that want to achieve higher levels of engagement.

Crisis Preparedeness

We support organizations in planning for a variety of scenarios that could impact their reputation and design strategies to mitigate the risk and protect their brand.

Executive Training

We work side by side with leaders and communication professionals to help them become brand ambassadors with their public and the media, to ensure that every opportunity with these key stakeholders benefits their brand and their reputation.

When should you contact The Corporate Office?

Our passion is to be challenged: we treasure a challenge where we need to develop strategies to provide a roadmap to our clients and promoted their interests.

These are cases where entities have approached us in the past:

  • A government organization requiring an international lobbying and promotion effort
  • A recently launched entity with the need to establish strong reputation and market positioning
  • A government entity that required to win votes from a pool of members of an international organization
  • A company that needed to correct its public reputation across its stakeholders
  • A foreign company requiring a successful strategy to enter the Arab market
  • An entity hat needed an urgent crisis communication strategy to avoid potential reputation damage
  • A company that needed access to government leadership