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The Corporate Office is an Emirati-led international advisory specializing in corporate communications, government relations, reputation management, as well as C-suite training in communications, change management strategies and, above all, understanding of the Arab and UAE culture, and how government organizations work.

Headquartered in the United Arab Emirates and with offices in Abu Dhabi and Dubai; our practice is the only communications and reputation management consultancy solely dedicated to the Government and Energy sector in the UAE.

Our firm is founded by successful award-winning professionals who have succeeded in representing the interests of governments and energy companies alike. Through a culture of continuous improvement, our experts succeed by mastering a wide array of communication strategies that involve public relations, marketing, social media or international lobbying campaigns to establish positive reputation and engage stakeholders.

Our exclusive expertise in working in some of the world’s most ambitious government-owned projects gives us a competitive advantage and establishes the Corporate Office as a singular advisory group in the Middle East.

Our Approach

Client Immersion

Client Immersion

Communications excellence can’t be achieved in a silo. Every organisation has its own unique culture, governance framework, and individual challenges & opportunities. Our Immersion Workshops are an important first step in our client relationships. The one-day workshop provides us with the opportunity to gain the insight we need to develop and deliver content that adds real value for our clients.



We strongly believe in the power of knowledge and understanding when tackling a critical communications issue. We have first-hand experience that informed communications have the greatest potential to raise awareness, shift opinion and build trust with stakeholders. Wherever possible, we seek to leverage existing insight or develop bespoke research programs to guide communications.



We focus on facilitating capability development and knowledge transfer to client teams, rather than magnifying the dependencies that can form when engaging external agencies.

Our goal is to support mentoring of communications professionals and ensure knowledge transfer wherever possible.

Rigorous Project Management

Project Management

A core component of our service delivery comes with our commitment to project management.

We have a dedicated Project Management Office within our team who work to plan, manage and monitor project deliverables across our clients, ensuring critical timelines and outcomes are achieved.

Why choose us


The Corporate Office is the only communications advisory dedicated  to serving Government and Government-owned entities in the region.


We are the only agency to win three consecutive MEPRA Awards for Best  Government Communications, consolidating our leadership as a  Government-centric advisory company.

Business Services

We have had to start competing on quality of life in a way that they never had to before — leading to higher ratings from consultants.

Energy and Environment

Engage with consumers and inspire the media — we ensure brands are seen and heard in all the right places.

Emirati - led

Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, our Emirati-led Bilingual team of experts  have a unique proven track in leading strategic communication  projects within local and Federal Government.


Our team is composed of experts from various fields of communication allowing us to provide expertise on PR Strategy, Communications both internal and external, Reputation management, Crisis management as well as Events management

Our Vision

To establish an exceptional communications advisory company that understands and supports the unique communications context of UAE government and strategic projects.

Our mission

To provide strategic counsel that is grounded in a deep understanding of the UAE, the national agenda and strategic priorities in order to create economic opportunities to better the lives of the Emirati people.

Our Value

Performance is at the core of our culture. We believe in the transformational power of exceptional communications and we work alongside our clients to develop and deliver strategic communications programs that build real connections, engender trust and achieve reputational resilience for organisations and their leadership.

Our team

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