Crisis Management

We have extensive experience managing both issues and crisis situations in the UAE and internationally by aligning the strategic narrative of organizations to the extant corporate requirements, and work on action plans to align key stakeholders to the narrative of the operations.

Communicating effectively, particularly in times of crisis, is a skill that requires significant training and experience. Over the years, we have developed a detail-oriented media training programme led by experts in media and crisis communications training to help in highlighting key spokespeople in their area of expertise.

Our crisis management team plan crisis preparedness work required to confront any negative sentiment or tackle ongoing geopolitical tensions. We support organizations in planning for a variety of scenarios that could impact their reputation and design strategies to mitigate the risk and protect their brand.

We work with our clients to:

Audit existing issues management and crisis response infrastructure
Map potential issues and crises
Develop an issues monitoring and management framework, response team, policies/procedures and a comprehensive crisis manual
Conduct extensive training with the communications team and supporting functions across the business to ensure organisational readiness
Assess physical infrastructure for crisis events
Develop post-crisis lessons learned reports and continuous improvement systems
Propose spokesperson grids to select key leaders within the Enterprise and establish key issues for these spokespersons to champion internally and externally
Support the communication departments of corporate organizations in working with government entities and stakeholders in delivering in-depth reports or briefings as required by the leadership of the communications department.
Review all strategic communications materials and propose new narratives

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