Department Structure, Planning & Process

Ensuring your department is sustainability structured, resourced and supported is fundamental to your team’s agility and performance. The Corporate Office incorporates a proactive approach to tactical organisation structuring with strategy being incorporated into the vision, mission and values for employees and performance.

We roll out our structure, planning and process beginning with a gap analysis; followed by a phased approach including the Planning Phase, Implementation Test Phase, Measuring and Analysis of the test phase and a full roll out.

A communications team regularly operates under immense pressure and tight deadlines, with both internal and external demands. Robust processes and procedures, adequate planning and employee development programs provide the critical infrastructure needed to ensure efficient operations and continued focus on achieving your strategic communications objectives.

Job Shadowing

The Corporate Office Senior practitioners and specialists work alongside your team during specific times each week to enable individuals to learn ‘On-The-Job’. This means that the employees are gaining invaluable practical experience whilst the team’s workload is also effectively being managed.

The Job Shadowing program is especially important when it comes to the acquisition of practical skills, learned through daily interaction with internal and external stakeholders, such as communication agencies.

Job shadowing times and tasks will be aligned to support each individual’s personal development plan and KPIs, to ensure they are receiving direction and support in the areas they most need it – be it meetings management, presentation skills, writing or strategic planning.

Gap Analysis

The Corporate Office conducts an in-depth gap analysis inside of your organisation by working with the existing team to map out areas that are successful, need support and require complete change. Based on this Gap Analysis The Corporate Office recommends a phased out approach towards first the planning and then the roll out of the department structure.

Our Work Includes:

Communications department structure, and position descriptions
Capacity building, KPIs and performance metrics
Best practice policies, processes and procedures

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