Leadership Positioning

We work with our clients to identify business-critical issues that are aligned with their individual perspectives, interests and leadership style. We offer a unique set of skills to create industry champions that connect with their stakeholders and become ambassadors of their brands and corporate visions.

In addition to developing a thought leadership platform for executives, we work extensively with leaders to hone their communication skills in both Arabic and English languages to ensure they feel comfortable and confident across all communication environments.

We work with subject matter experts and experienced survey researchers regarding the design and content of cross-national studies requiring

Gathering information about the companies in regional and international markets.
Understanding the target audience, and stakeholders’ behavior to align client’s competitiveness and advantages to the requirement of those companies.
Developing a foundation for building programs which highlight client’s strategic economic sectors, the targeted markets and the main activities to attract businesses operating in these markets.
Identifying what competitors regionally and internationally are conducting to attract these companies.
Finding trends in the industry which influence decision makers in the targeted companies.
Conducting monthly research studies on each subject matter.

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