Media Training

Delivering the right message- The Corporate Office has an exceptional understanding of how your leaders can use their words, tone of voice and body language to deliver messages in a powerful manner. With a specially curated curriculum; our industry experts deliver training to your spokesperson (s) to help develop their confidence in speaking, prepare responses to difficult questions and learn how to control a media interview.

Our media training course is customized for each client keeping in mind their stakeholders, messaging impact and experience-based understanding. We work closely with your communications team to understand the key messages for delivery and then develop a method on how to best deliver these messages in a way that your audience takes notice. The course will also help further understand the challenges in media interviews including predicting the nature of the interview as well as handling difficult to answer questions that the journalist/interviewer may come up with.

We go one step further in our course by developing communication practices for each client and individual one-on-one as we understand that the importance of marrying the organizational message to the key spokesperson.


Professionals were successfully trained by the Corporate Office to help further the communication goals of key government organisations of the UAE.

Media Training Plan

Understanding the requirements of the client/ assessing needs.
Planning and preparing course material for the media training
Conducting media trainings as per client's availability
Media training effectiveness and review

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