Stakeholder Engagement & Research

TCO brings a depth and breadth of understanding of the UAE and the complex stakeholder network that operates at a national level and across the Emirates. We develop engagement programs for our clients that range in scope and scale, from global outreach targeting international communities and industry groups down to national programs and targeted consultation with local community members.

We are strong believers in the value of research-led communications. Regular perception audits provide a critical barometer of how your organisation, its leadership team and its words and actions are perceived by your most important stakeholders.

Stakeholder research can be used as a key tool to inform your communications strategy, helping you to shape and refine messaging and utilise the most effective channels to reach your audiences.

Our Stakeholder Engagement Work Includes

We have extensive experience in stakeholder research and can work alongside your team to:

Develop your annual research strategy
Conduct qualitative and quantitative research programs
Develop research reports and recommendations

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