Strategy Development – Communications & Marketing

With a wide breadth of experience as an all-encompassing communications agency and an unparalleled ability to integrate into areas of key research and reporting, the Corporate Office is capable of providing elegant solutions in identifying project success, brand perception and insights as well as creating deliverables even in the most complex decision-making process challenges.

The Corporate Office; with its expert team offers experience in auditing and understanding the outcome of current marketing and communications efforts while creating benchmarks and best practices on how to improve your strategy in the future. We provide a clearly articulated strategy – underpinned by a suite of quality content, rigorous processes and procedures to revolutionise the way you operate, providing real focus, boosting efficiency and delivering media results that matter.

Our work includes:

Understanding the client, key messaging, stakeholders and target audience
In-depth analysis of media channels, social media accounts and marketing practices
Creating and comparing with local, regional and international benchmarks
Suggestion on best practices, creating better communication and improving visibility and interaction
Informing Key Performance Indicators for the future

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