Community Development Authority: Future Workshop

The Community Development Authority had gone through a recent change in management and was facing internal challenges with acceptance to change, attitude towards the youth, a lack of communication between departments as well as problems with adhering to timelines. The Corporate Office was invited to propose a solution towards the problems they were facing in order to improve the working environment.


The Corporate Office proposed doing a specially crafted Future Workshop that celebrate the past, discussed present projects and a vision into the future. The workshop dealt with conflict resolution, time management, team work, high pressure work situations and problem solving methods. The Corporate Office worked very closely with the Community Development Authority to identify areas and people that needed better management and were brought together to ease these problems.


The Community Development Authority as a result of the workshop were able to freely address issues in the workplace and introduce solutions in a more casual manner giving a positive attitude to these problems. Those that restricted change were influenced to be more open to the current projects and future insight for the government entity.