Dubai Future Foundation: Future Workshop

The Corporate Office was invited to submit a proposal for a Corporate Services Procedures Project whose purpose was to conduct a team building workshop to review its mission and vision two years after its inception. The purpose of the workshop was to ensure that all employees become aligned with the key objectives of the organization and to explore and define the behaviors and core values that would ensure the success of Dubai Future Foundation.


The Corporate Office proposed a change management solution by introducing the Future Workshops- a high impact, high value workshop designed to bring teams  together in a unique setting and under a carefully-engineered environment, to achieve  alignment and employee engagement and truly mark a  change in how employees work together.


The Corporate Office produced a tangible improvement in leadership-to-employee alignment and morale. The Future Workshop of DFF stands as a change management moment of inflexion, where the company leadership and staff came together to create a new momentum to achieve its work objectives.