Dubai Police: Gap Analysis

The Corporate Office was commissioned to conduct an Internal Audit and Gap Analysis for its Security Media Department. The purpose of the audit was the assess the Security Media department of the Dubai Police, while suggesting a series of Areas for Improvement to drive the function towards established excellence standards.


Our team assessed and reviewed the communication operations and effectives of all activities performed and implemented by various divisions of the Security Media Department of Dubai Police.

The internal audit was conducted through a conductive and collaborative process utilizing data and reports from departments, divisions, contents experts, data analysts; and work plans to analyze and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of both the internal operations and external communication processes of the department.

The potential areas for improvement for the Security Media Division were identified through a practical audit analysis to determine areas that could address gaps in process performance. A Causal Analysis and Resolution process was used to identify and resolve performance gaps. Two audit analysis/assessments were performed – Internal and External.