Education Media Centre: Price Value Report

The EMC is an arm of the Ministry of Education (MoE) and a dedicated centre for creating educational media content that inspires the minds of the youth in the UAE.  The Corporate Office was commissioned to conduct a study and determine the fair value for the work done by the Education Media Centre (EMC) during Q1 and Q2, 2019.

The professional capabilities of the EMC team cut across strategic communications, media production, graphic design, market/media research and digital media, and is dedicated to support the MoE in achieving its strategic communications objectives.


Audit Methodology: The quarterly financial value identification was prepared by grouping data, mapping stakeholders and generating a corresponding rate card (an average from agencies were used to determine final rates)

Data Collection Process: Identifying departmental/organizational structure determining the expected deliverable per project generating the value fields per category.

Value by Project: The quantity of deliverable per project based on the category structure of each department were determined. This was used to calculate the total value per project in each department.