Executive Committee Abu Dhabi: Strategic Comms

The Corporate Office worked with the Executive Committee of Abu Dhabi in the development of a robust strategic communications function that serves to streamline and manage the committee’s communication needs ensuring the maintenance of a positive corporate reputation between the committee and its stakeholders.

The challenge involved a thorough review of existing communications practices, recommendations on how best the structure the follow of communications day-to-day, and analysis of how best to utilize resources while we continued to support the leadership in training and building the necessary personnel to manage these functions autonomously.

The Corporate Office furthermore formalized the Strategic Communications Resources; supported in the Tactical Operations and Delivery as well as conducted a full assessment, review and reporting exercise to ensure that all recommendations and relevant processes have been adopted effectively.

The development of the Committee’s overall communications strategy and key strategic resources that defined the Committee’s communications approach and engagement with stakeholders; in addition to support for the overall management of the Committee’s day-to-day communications function on a tactical level.