Ministry of Education: Crisis Management and Comms

The Corporate Office enjoys a strong partnership with the Education Media Centre as its partner in Strategic Communications. We were appointed to create a detailed crisis communications plan for the Ministry of Education in order to set out how the Ministry’s spokespeople should communicate with key stakeholders, the media and the public in event of a crisis.


As a first measure; a Crisis Media Communications Team (CMCT) was created in order to assign roles and responsibilities in an environments where crisis communications needs to be applied. This involved assigning roles as responsibilities based on criteria including stakeholder management, media management, digital media management and advisory to spokespeople and internal teams.

The Corporate Office then created a Crisis Communications Manual as a reference guide for those responsible in managing communications with the media in the event of a crisis. The CMCT’s role from then on is to implement and adapt appropriate action from the plan to address specific events of the crisis.

The manual included the protocol for low, medium and high impact incidents and also presented guidelines for various highly possible scenarios in pertinence to the Ministry and its stakeholders.